Data Recovery Prices Different Between Home And Business Devices?

The cost of Data Recovery is based on the type and extent of damage, as well as the device that was damaged. So a personal laptop could cost the same as a work laptop, but it depends on the type of damage received.

A business is more likely to experience higher Data Recovery costs due to the amount and types of hardware it uses, such as servers, especially if they are all damaged at the same time due to flood or fire.

How long does it take to recover damaged data?

The time required for Data Recovery depends on the service level chosen. During the consultation, we will explain your options and agree on a time frame that best suits the situation. At Ontrack we currently offer three options:

  • Standard an average of 7 to 10 business days
  • Express an average of 3 business days
  • Emergency an average of 12 to 24 hours

It is important to remember that these are average delivery times and may depend on the severity of the situation, amount of data and data transfer speeds.

You may want to try to recover data from a damaged device yourself. This do-it-yourself approach may seem like a cost-effective option, but you should always be cautious. Data recovery is extremely difficult and risky, and one mistake could result in permanent data loss.

If you want to explore data recovery on your own, you’ll need to determine what type of data failure has occurred and the extent of the damage. There are many resources and free data recovery software available on the Internet that can guide you through the data recovery process.

At Ontrack we offer our own easy-to-use do-it-yourself Twitter data recovery software that allows you to recover files from corrupted, damaged, deleted or reformatted drives. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems, as well as internal and external drives, this solution is perfect for anyone who wants to take the DIY approach.

Data recovery is a complex operation that requires many years of experience and training. We always recommend that a specialist review his device if he has any doubts about trying it himself.