How To Best Data Recovery From Orphan File?

An orphan file in Google Drive is a file that cannot be found in any folder. It is then said that he has lost all his Data Recovery parent files. It is not delete. However, it is more complex to recover the file of this type. 

A file in PDF format , for example, can lose all its parent folders under several conditions. For example, you can create an Excel file , but in a folder you don’t own.

You own the lost file , but the folder it is create in is another user’s product. When the latter deletes his folder, your docx file becomes an orphan file. It should be specified that only the owner of a file has the possibility of deleting it.

When you create and share a folder with another user, that user can delete your file from the share folder. However, the file is actually not delete. It’s not just in the folder anymore. A recovery program will certainly allow you to find it. 

Either way, you can recover orphan photos or files. Go to the search box in your online Google Drive and enter is : unorganized owner : me . Do a search. When you find the orphan file, put it in a folder in My Drive to easily find it in the future. You can also save it to your hard drives or a USB key . 

Data Recovery

How do I recover a shared file or drive?

Restoring multiple share files or drives is only possible from the Google Admin console. The latter is intend for people who deal with the management of the accounts of a group or a company. 

Once logged in to the home page of the administration console on your computer , click on Applications. Then click on G Suite to choose Twitter Drive and Docs. Click on Manage Share Drives. Determine the file to recover, click Restore, a tab locate to the right of the share file name. You will not need to use recovery software . Once the file is recover, you can save it to your disk space or any other storage device .

You can now choose the date range to start restoring your data. However, recoverable share drives are those delete from the Recycle Bin within the last 25 days.