How To Data Recovery Services From A Broken Professional Smartphone?

Prudence recommends recovering sensitive Data Recovery Services from a professional smartphone before sending it in for repair. But, the crack in the interface often prevents access to the menu and the internal memory of the phone. Fortunately, there is a trick to get around this problem. The procedure does not present any complexity.

  • After turning on the device, the user connects it to an  OTG mouse to enter  their password and draw their unlock pattern.
  • Then, the user connects said smartphone to a computer via a  USB cable. Then, it activates the mass storage option.
  • Finally, he opens his computer’s file explorer to access his phone’s internal drive. He can then transfer all sensitive data from his smartphone to a secure medium.

Sometimes the process also requires downloading and installing the Android Control software . After setting up this application, the Data Recovery Services user goes to the ADB tab. He successively clicks on ADB Executable Path and ADB.exe. 

A virtual keyboard automatically appears on the computer screen. It provides access to information on the smartphone. The user can then save them on a  secure medium . This trick avoids data loss if the device is reset during repair. The operation of requires the installation of the Java application.

This solution also makes it easy to recover Twitter data from a broken smartphone. This application is used to display the phone screen in PC version on a Chrome browser . This only works if the user had previously enabled USB debugging. 

The process requires downloading and installing Vysor. The program automatically detects the smartphone via a USB cable. The backup starts after the user logs in to their Google account on the devices. In case of difficulty in recovering the data, do not hesitate to seek the assistance of a professional repairer .