Dallas Data Recovery : The Simple Way For Recover Your Data

Gigabyte uh sd card with no brand name on it. when it arrived they didn’t have any signs of life this is what the Dallas Data Recovery circuit board looks like and if you guys saw the video from couple of episodes ago. where the work was done on the key flash drive type this is a similar situation here instead of a nand chip that would traditionally sit in this frame.

We have a sandisk sd card that is mapped out here so these pads connect to the technological pads on the card that works like an end chip and the controller that is underneath this epoxy is what’s driving the nand uh Dallas Data Recovery very helpful piece of information is written right here uh the fact that it’s based on sm type controller.

I’m gonna work with this device today using a new tool spider board looks like this and basically it’s uh it’s a fairly complex design for an adapter you know. this is an adapter that could be manipulated and tweaked to work with pretty much any monolithic device some of you may ask. why don’t you try to connect this interface directly to sd card reader well connecting.

Dallas Data Recovery

It directly to sd card reader will have nothing to do with the Data Recovery even if the controller is functional the controller is programmed to work with the nand , so if we were using a different controller the nand inside would operate differently so connecting it through this interface isn’t going to actually get us anywhere.

I would prefer to add a little bit of solder on top of these um pads just to give them extra softness these needles they’re sharp but the flat surface of the pad may also be a little bit too slippery so , when the needles come off on the angle and pressure is applied to them. they have sometimes tendency to you know skip a beat and they just slide off so adding a bit of solder on top of these pads will make them hold themselves in place a bit better.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that you don’t need to know. how to solder to get it done i know how to solder pretty well but still this is really fun to use this adapter so , you kind of just navigate the needle into the pin and tie it down now when the contact is made this needle pokes into the little tiny solder sphere.