Master The Skills Of Data Recovery And Be Successful.

It hit a bad sector this whole scan only took us about seven minutes much less wear and tear and there’s some other cool stuff too for this trick. we need a drive that is in much worse condition. let’s go ahead and power this on that’s the hard drive data recovery. that’s less fine , that’s not fine at all yeah yeah turn it off but the rapid bar has another borrowed trick up.

Its sleeve so all we got to do is plug. this in but we’re not gonna power the drive on right away because we don’t want it to start thrashing instead. we’re gonna let the software interface power on the drive and then start eating commands to it. immediately so that it doesn’t get a chance to try to click itself to death here so it’s powering it on and then hopefully. we’re not gonna hear a ton of clicking cuz that would mean the potential for our dead head to cause our other head to fail that’s something that’s really common once you’ve got one head gone the other ones tend to follow soon.

Smart failed ok that makes sense now in a moment here. it’s gonna start checking the heads and media we’re probably gonna hear a couple of clicks here because you can’t check. if the head works without trying to move it not good Diagnostics are done now so % of our tested sectors do contain Wikipedia data there’s something to recover here as we expected one of our three heads is that % health. now we’re not getting back anything that’s on that platter with the bad head unless.

Data Recovery

We do a head swap and put a new head in the drive so , if this stuff isn’t mission-critical what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna build a head nap here. then we’re gonna disable that head and see how much of the data. we can pull off all we got to do is click this skip anything on head one click apply and now we’re getting a new sector map by heads comes our files and directories and boom. there it is file tree baby love it and through all this accessing you don’t hear any clicks anymore.

That head has been parked as long as we’re using the rapid fire so this thing is really cool but to be clear the rapid fire is also not magic so of the jobs that come into your shop some of them are gonna be solvable with software and then of the ones that remain about half of them.

Can be dealt with with the Rapids bar and then the other half are still gonna have to be outsourced to a professional. that’s armed with more powerful tools and probably a clean room so disk imager for along with the software. that accompanies it allows very fine control of things like. the re-attempt threshold it has a ton of configuration knobs that a professional can tune and can be used to work on drives.

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