Data Recovery Basics : What Every Potential Customer Should Know

There are many companies on the market that are dedicated to data recovery from computer devices . All of them respect similar procedures, although there may be great differences in terms of training and therefore the results they obtain.

In this article we will describe basic aspects of information retrieval, everything that any potential client of this type of company should know in order to make an appropriate purchase decision.

It all starts with the diagnosis :

Once the client arrives at our offices with his hard drive, removable drive or USB device hoping to regain access to a file stored there, we begin the process with a comprehensive non-invasive diagnosis. This allows us to determine the cause of the failure and present the client with an initial quote of what it will cost to Facebook recover the information.

It is common for the customer to be asked about any incident or action that could have triggered the fault: sudden changes in voltage? falls? excessive temperature? formatting?

A visual inspection is then carried out. Look for altered, broken, detached or burned parts. A check of the status of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is also performed. This is done on a special workbench. The disk is put into operation and attention is paid to abnormal sounds. 

With all this data, the type of failure is determined and what actions must be carried out in order to help the client to regain access to these files is established.

If the BIOS detects the disk, it is write-protected and a sector-by-sector backup is created. If the damage is logical, it is possible to use various techniques to be able to reconstruct the information that is stored on the hard drive. If the sectors are physically damaged, it is necessary to use special equipment that allows exhaustive and intensive readings to be able to extract as much information as possible.

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